This site is the companion blog for twitter.com/WSoccerExpress (formerly (@wsoccer_news). I changed the Twitter handle in order to lessen confusion with @wsoccernews (www.wSoccerNews.com).  At this time, please folllow my Twitter feed for all the news I post. This blog will mainly be used for original news and analysis items plus summaries of foreign language news items.  When the news is minor or just breaking, I may just link to the appropriate news source instead of blogging it here.

All posts on this site, unless otherwise noted, are written by me, R.D. Welch. I can be contacted via Twitter (@WSoccerExpress or @rd1899) or email (my gmail.com username is “rd1899”).

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About the links in my tweets:

At the moment, my preferred link shortening service is Bit.ly. All Bit.ly links will go to this blog unless otherwise noted. If you’re using the Chrome browser, there is a Bit.ly app that shows information about the link when you hover over it.

I’m not really a fan of Twitter’s built-in link shortening service (t.co) for a few reasons: (1) I don’t like how the links are expanded inline as it looks unwieldy and messy; (2) no statistics are available, which would be helpful to know what those following me find relevant; and (3) I am having issues with links in scheduled tweets via TweetDeck not being converted to t.co links. The last item is something I need to test/explore further.

Foreign Language News Sources:

Sometimes, a news story, especially if it’s just breaking, may only be available in a foreign language. I’ll try to re-blog that news story in English, here, if I have time and if it’s important enough. For minor items, I may just note the source link.

If you’re not fluent in the foreign language and want to read the whole story, please use Google Translate or Yahoo’s Babelfish to translate the webpage.  The resulting translation may not be perfect, but you should be able to get the jist of it.

If you’re using Google Chrome, it has a built-in translating toolbar that should appear for the most common languages.