And, We’re Back…

  • Expect things to be light, both here on WordPress and especially on Twitter, for a while, as I get back up to speed and deal with some housekeeping.
  • There will probably be more of a focus on research-oriented articles as opposed to quickie articles.
  • That said, do expect round-up styles articles such as in the “News of Note” variety on a normal basis.
  • But, if there is important breaking news, then do expect individual articles on that topic, depending on (my) availability.
  • Note that the vanity domain name is now,” as opposed to, which now redirects to,
  • For short links on Twitter, the domain “” will be used for posts on this blog.
  • As always, feel free to send comments and suggestions either via the comments below, Twitter (@WSoccerExpress), or use the contact form below.

* * *

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